Most frequent questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your cleaning solutions safe for plants and animals?

Yes, all cleaning solutions are safe and diluted to 20% detergent and 80% water during the cleaning process for pressure washing houses and decks.  In my 5+ years in the industry no plants, animals, or property have been harmed.

How much furniture needs to be removed from the deck before washing?

We will move a table, four chairs, and a grill for you, at no charge.  Additional furniture, planters, decorative items, etc. should be removed from deck prior to our arrival or may be subject to a small fee for having our team remove the items.

Is power washing better than pressure washing?

Neither is necessarily better than the other. It all depends on the material you’re cleaning. Certain surfaces cannot handle a power wash because heat and high water pressure combined can damage them. Overall, both techniques are effective at removing hard stains. You just have to choose the right method depending on what you’re cleaning.

Can power washing remove paint?

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to remove old paint from surfaces, then power washing is a great option as it can remove paint from wood, concrete, metal, and more. However, if you’re simply trying to clean the exterior of your home and not take off a layer of paint, then consider using the soft wash process instead.  This technique offers a gentle and effective clean and results that last.

Can you really clean our roof without causing damage?

Yes, absolutely. Through the innovations in the pressure washing industry.  We will follow your roof manufacturer’s recommendations and use the appropriate cleaning solution along with a Soft Wash Non-Pressure application methods to make your roof look like new. Additionally, this extends the life of your roof saving you more costly repairs in the future.

What is “Soft Wash” House Washing?

Soft Washing is a process effectively used on most residential cleaning requests including siding, stucco and wood. We reduce the necessity to power wash off the dirt, mold, mildew or other contaminants that prevent your property from looking its best. This also reduces the potential of water going other places than where we intend it to be. This process will result in a cleaner surface than traditional power washing methods.